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Uganda Ebola Outbreak Situation Report #13- FINAL


• The Uganda Ministry of Health reported the following as of January 6th:

o January 6th marked 111 days since the start of the outbreak. It was also 39 days since the last confirmed case.

o No active contacts are currently under follow-up.

• On January 11th, Uganda in concert with the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the end of this outbreak.

• In total there were 162 cases (142 confirmed and 22 probable), 55 confirmed deaths and 87 recovered patients.

• Overall, the case-fatality ratio was 47%.

• More than 4,000 people who encountered confirmed cases were followed up and their health monitored for 21 days.

• The last patient that was released from care was on November 30th.

• Due to the joint efforts between the partners involved, the processing time for Ebola samples dropped from a few days to six hours.

• Vaccination Efforts:

o A total of three candidate vaccines were identified and over 5,000 doses of these arrived in the country with the first batch on December 8th and the last two on December 17th.

o None of these vaccines were used for this outbreak but they remain available to be used during future outbreaks.

• During the outbreak, WHO supported the response by regularly providing personal protective equipment and providing nearly $6.5 million to Uganda's response and an additional $3 million to support readiness in six neighboring countries.

• Although the outbreak in Uganda has been declared over, health authorities are maintaining surveillance and are ready to respond quickly to any flare-ups.


• Uganda declares end of Ebola disease outbreak

• Uganda Ebola Virus Disease Situation Report No 89

• Uganda Ministry of Health Twitter Page

• WHO Uganda Twitter Page

• CDC Global Heath Twitter Page


CDC Media Statement: Ebola Outbreak Over in Uganda

IFRC, Uganda, Africa | Ebola Virus Disease - Operation Update #2 , Emergency appeal No. MDRUG047

Uganda Ebola Outbreak Situation Report #13
Download PDF • 138KB

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