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Türkiye/Syria Earthquake Situation Report #5

Türkiye Highlights: · The government is reported that there are now 31,643 fatalities. · A total of 158,165 people has been evacuated from the affected areas. · Search and rescue efforts continue with 238,459 rescue workers from various government agencies and partners. · The military is continuing to support response operations: o An air bridge remains in place for the deployment of personnel and equipment. A total of 4,097 sorties have been made with 170 helicopters and 76 aircraft. o A total of 26 ships have been deployed to deliver personnel and materials to the affected area. · The Turkish Red Crescent reported the following: o 924 staff and 4,565 volunteers have been deployed to the affected areas. o A total of 86 mobile catering units, 320 mobile kitchens, 20 field kitchens and 33 mobile ovens have been deployed. o The following commodities have been distributed: ü 19.2 million hot meals ü 15.4 million bottles of water ü 10 million meals-ready-to-eat · International Support Update: o A total of 9,793 teams from countries have contacted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to offer assistance and have been deployed to earthquake areas. o The UN Office for the Coordination for Humanitarian Affairs reported that a total of 221 Urban Search and Rescue Teams from 82 countries have been deployed or mobilized. Syrian Highlights: · There are now more than 4,400 fatalities and 8,500 injuries reported as of February 12th. There numbers are still expected to rise. · Around 280,000 individuals in north-west Syria are currently estimated to be directly affected by the earthquakes and are in immediate need of shelter and/or non-food items assistance. · The earthquakes affected at least 78 communities and 35 sub-districts in north-west Syria. · Syrian Civil Defense (White Helmets) is continuing search and rescue operations in the affected areas and have begun clearing roads of debris. · As of February 12th, more than 1,700 buildings have been destroyed and more than 6,300 buildings have been damaged. · The priority needs in the affected area include heavy machines for debris removal, medical supplies, shelter and non-food items, emergency food and water, sanitation, and hygiene assistance. · Healthcare and Public Health Update: o The huge number of casualties is continuing to overwhelm hospitals’ capacities that have limited medical, surgical, and intensive care unit beds. o At least 31 health facilities in north-west Syria are partially functional or have suspended their services. o At least 55 health facilities have been partially or fully damaged. o The largest two medical organizations in the area (UOSSM and the Syrian American Medical Society) reported many of their facilities are out of service and have been evacuated. o The White Helmets are visiting shelters and provide medical and psychological care to survivors. · Food Security Update: o Bread is the daily food in the affected areas, and it is in limited supply. o As of February 12th, around 44,430 people in north-west Syria have been assisted with 8,886 ready-to-eat food (lasting for one week) through World Food Programme partners. · The Syrian Red Crescent reported that one of their facilities has been destroyed and eight facilities were damaged. · International Support Update: o The UN has reported that a total of 58 trucks with humanitarian aid from six UN agencies have so far entered northeast Syria. o The Syrian President has authorized the opening of two further crossing points for humanitarian aid for the next three months. o The pre-positioned UN aid in north-west Syria is accessible but fails to meet the needs of affected people. o Three Early Recovery partners have conducted rubble removal efforts, particularly in the areas of Armanaz, Atareb, Dana, Harim and Salqin. Others have diverted resources to search and rescue activities, as well as providing multi-purpose cash assistance and survival grants for affected shops and businesses. Sources: · Türki̇ye Earthquakes Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) Team Snapshot As of 13 February 2023 · AFAD Press Bulletin about the Earthquake in Kahramanmaraş - 29 · Earthquakes: North-west Syria: Flash Update No. 7 As of 13 February 2023 · UNOCHA Twitter Page · WHO Syria Twitter Page · Türkiye Red Crescent Twitter Page · Syrian Red Crescent Twitter Page · Syrian Civil Defense Twitter Page · EU ECHO Twitter Pages · Copernicus EMS Twitter Page · UNOSAT Twitter Page Resources Centre for Humanitarian Data, Türkiye/Syria Earthquake Website (New) UNITAR/UNOSAT Web Map of Affected Areas (New) Türkiye, Syria | Seismic activity – EU Response - DG ECHO Daily Map | 13/02/2023 (New) WHO flash appeal Earthquake response in Türkiye and Whole of Syria (10 February 2023) (New) Logistics Cluster Tracker Site Physical Access Constraints Map Maxar Türkiye and Syria Earthquake Swipe App Center For International Disaster Information, How to Help Global Citizen, Earthquake Crisis Response Challenge 3 ways to support survivors of the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria Monetary Donations

· Türkiye Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency, Earthquake Donation Accounts

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Türkiye-Syria Earthquake Situation Report #5
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