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Türkiye/Syria Earthquake Situation Report #4

· The government is reporting 20,937 fatalities and 80,088 have been rescued.

· A total of 102,388 people has been evacuated from the affected area.

· 166,334 search and rescue personnel have been deployed by the government.

· A total of 12,473 vehicles, including construction equipment have been deployed to the affected areas.

· The Türkiye military is continuing to support response operations:

o A total of 3,642 flights have been conducted.

o A total of 26 ships are being utilized to deliver personnel and materials to the affected area.

· Mass Care Update:

o A total of 102,274 tents have been sent to the affected areas along with over 1 million blankets.

o The government and the Turkish Red Crescent have deployed 330 mobile kitchens, 86 catering vehicles, 33 mobile ovens and 252 service vehicles.

· International Support Update:

o A total of 8,294 foreign teams have contacted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and have been deployed to the affected areas.

o The World Health Organization (WHO) has delivered 72 metric tons of trauma and emergency surgery supplies.

o The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is deploying fully equipped semi-permanent shelter facilities.

o The World Food Programme (WFP) has deployed food commodities to municipalities in Gaziantep, Hatay, Kilis and Kahramanmaraş:

ü These food commodities will be used to prepare cooked meals through municipal community kitchens to be distributed daily for two weeks for around 200,000 people in four provinces.

o The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) response teams are being transported by Department of Defense resources to the hardest hit areas.

o The European Union has deployed over 1,600 rescuers to the affected areas.

o An additional $25 million has been released from the Central Emergency Response Fund.

Syrian Highlights:

· There are now more than 3,600 fatalities and 7,200 injuries. These numbers are expected to continue to rise.

· Only about 5% of the affected area Is currently being searched for survivors due to limitations of available rescue teams and equipment.

· The Syrian Red Crescent has received the following resources from international partners:

o 30 tons of supplies (medical supplies) and equipment (ambulances) from Italy

o 10 tons of food and relief supplies from Bangladesh

o 34 tons of food items from Russia

o 28 tons of food, blankets, and tents from Oman

o 117 tons of relief supplies from the United Arab Emirates

· Healthcare and Public Health Update:

o The Syrian Red Crescent medical teams and mobile clinics have so far provided over 13,000 medical services to survivors.

o About 57 Hospitals and primary health facilities have been partially damaged or have suspended services due to the earthquake.

ü The huge number of casualties is overwhelming hospitals’ capacities that have limited medical, surgical, and intensive care unit beds. People are being treated in temporary tents.

o Post-earthquake diseases are coupled with the cholera outbreak that is still being reported from various areas.

o The WHO has delivered 72 metric tons of trauma and emergency surgery supplies.

ü WHO has chartered a flight to deliver an additional 35 metric tons of supplies.

ü A third flight is being scheduled for February 12th which will likely deliver an additional 37 metric tons of emergency health supplies to reach an additional 300,000 people.

· Mass Care Update:

o The Syrian Red Crescent has deployed 4,000 volunteers.

o Thousands of families are without shelter in open areas or seeking refuge in damaged buildings, existing internally displaced people’s (IDP) sites, reception centres, collective centres, or being temporarily hosted by other families.

o Initial data collected by humanitarian partners shows that around 90,000 women and children and vulnerable persons are currently sheltered in more than 164 collective shelters.

· Infrastructure Update:

o Water trucking has reportedly been suspended in Idleb, Jarablue and Atameh as of February 9th due to an increase of turbidity in the water source.

o The most affected areas are suffering from the collapse of central water tanks and there is a need for temporary water tanks.

· The Government of Syria also issued a waiver allowing organizations to use the new money transfer exchange rate of SYP 6,900 (Syrian Pounds) for USD 1, instead of SYP 4,500.

· International Support Update:

o A second UN aid convoy (14 trucks) crossed from Türkiye to northwest Syria on February 10th.

o The UN Refugee Agency has released for distribution 9,840 core relief item kits.

o The US Treasury Department announced on February 9th, that it had issued a six-month license to allow earthquake-related relief that would otherwise be prohibited by sanctions on Syria.

o WFP continues to ramp up its emergency food assistance in both government and non-government-controlled areas, reaching to date close to 70,000 people. It already has enough food parcels in northwest Syria to provide for 1.4 million people.

ü WFP plans to assist 284,000 additional people, with mainly ready-to-eats rations.

o USAID is working with the Bahar Organization to provide emergency shelter supplies and delivering food aid.

o The European Union is working with the SARD and Caritas Luxembourg to distribute fuel, shelter supplies, kitchen supplies, and hygiene kits.

o The EU is also providing 3.5 million Euros to support response efforts.


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Türkiye-Syria Earthquake Situation Report #4
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