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Türkiye/Syria Earthquake Situation Report #10- FINAL

Türkiye Highlights: · A total of 9.1 million people has been affected. · There are now 43,000 fatalities and 108,000 injuries. · 448,000 people have been relocated from the affected areas. · A total of 164,000 buildings have been damaged or destroyed. · As of February 23rd, six International Urban Search and Rescue teams from four countries remain active in the affected areas. · Türkiye Red Crescent Update: o 1,186 staff and 3,942 volunteers are deployed. o They lost a total of 18 members. o They have provided the following commodities: ü 75.2 million Hot Meals ü 35.9 million bottles of water ü 14.4 million Ready-to-Eat Packages o They have the following assets deployed: ü 86 Mobile Catering Units ü 41 Mobile Ovens ü 375 Mobile Kitchens ü 22 Field Kitchens · The World Food Programme has reached 973,000 survivors through either hot meals or food packages. Syrian Highlights: · There are more than 4,500 fatalities and 8,500 injuries. · As of February 21st, more than 10,000 buildings have been destroyed or damaged. · A total of 11,000 people are homeless. · Shelter, winterization, and multi-purpose cash needs remain the top priorities for assistance. · 12 trucks from the Syrian Red Crescent carrying relief materials for 2,000 families over the last three days have been delivered to the northern rural camps in Aleppo. · Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS) Update: o They have received two shipments of medicine from Direct Relief. These supplies were distributed to their facilities. o SAMS is working on restoring their Maternity Hospital in Al Dana, which went out of service due to the earthquake. · The World Food Programme has reached 1.3 million people in the affected areas: o 380,000 people have received ready-to-eat rations and hot meals. o 915,000 people in government-controlled areas and in North-West Syria have received their regular General Food Assistance rations and cash transfers. · Earthquake Response Cross Border Operation Update: o Since February 9th, a total of 385 trucks has entered Northwest Syria. o A total of 17 trucks crossed on February 25th. Sources: · Earthquake Response Cross Border Operation from Türkiye to Northwest Syria (as of 25 February 2023) · Türkiye: 2023 Earthquakes Situation Report No. 4, As of 23 February 2023 · WFP Türkiye and Syria Earthquake Response, Situation Report #5 (23 February 2023) · North-West Syria: Situation Report (25 February 2023) · Türkiye Red Crescent Twitter Page · Syrian Red Crescent Twitter Page · Syrian American Medical Society Twitter Page Resources The SRTF Approves Two New Solar Power Projects to Enhance Healthcare Services in Northeast and Northwest Syria (New) Türkiye - ETS Services Dashboard (February 2023) (New) UNITAR/UNOSAT Web Map of Affected Areas Logistics Cluster Tracker Site Maxar Türkiye and Syria Earthquake Swipe App Business Brief: Earthquakes in Türkiye and Syria - Humanitarian Overview and Call to Action (16 February 2023) Center For International Disaster Information, How to Help Centre for Humanitarian Data, Türkiye/Syria Earthquake Website Global Citizen, Earthquake Crisis Response Challenge 3 ways to support survivors of the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria Monetary Donations

· Türkiye Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency, Earthquake Donation Accounts

· Türkiye Red Crescent Crypto Donation

Türkiye-Syria Earthquake Situation Report #10
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