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Russian Invasion of Ukraine Situation Report #100

Russian Invasion of Ukraine Situation Report #100
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Military and Diplomatic Highlights: 

·         The Ukrainian military is reporting the following Russian losses:

o   375,270 Soldiers (Wounded or Killed)

o   6,171 Tanks

o   11,455 Armored vehicles

o   8,868 Artillery

o   6,934 Drones

o   331 Aircraft

o   324 Helicopters

o   1,818 Cruise missiles

·         It was reported on January 16th, that Ukraine shot down a Russian A-50 MAINSTAY plane over the Azov Sea.  A-50s provide Russian forces an airborne early warning system of threats as well as command and control functionality.

·         On January 17th, France announced that it will provide Ukraine with 40 cruise missiles. 

·         The International Atomic Energy Agency reported that the Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant on January 19th lost its immediate back-up power supply to the reactor units for several hours.


War and Atrocity Crimes Investigations Highlights: 

·         The Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine reported that between January 12-19 507 new war crimes were registered. 


Humanitarian Impact and Response and Recovery Highlights:

·         The Ukrainian State Emergency Services on January 16th accepted rescue equipment (quad bike, quadcopter, catamaran, and a professional 3D printer) from Poland.

·         The Ukrainian Red Cross reported the following activities:

o   On January 17th, an Emergency Response Team set up an aid station to help survivors from a missile strike on Kharkiv and aided in search and rescue operations. 

o   A total of 11 volunteers on January 17th aided survivors of a missile attack in Odesa. 

·         The UN reports that $3.1 Billion in funding is needed to support humanitarian operations:

o   There are currently 14.6 million people (40% of the population) in need and 8.5 million have been targeted to receive assistance. 

·         On January 19th, a UN interagency convoy delivered seven tons of water, winter clothing and other supplies to the residents of Adviivka and Ocheretyne towns in the Donetsk Region.

·         The U.S. State Department reported on January 17th that a total of 515 ships have traveled safely through the Black Sea Humanitarian Corridor.  These ships carried 16.5 million tons of grain and cargo to global markets.

·         The EU as of January 17th has received 3,752 requests for medical evacuations: 

o   A total of 3,019 missions have been completed.

o   28 missions are in progress.

o   14 missions are pending acceptance.

o   465 missions were cancelled. 


Russian Dis-information Campaign Highlights:

·         Russia continues to push disinformation on Russian economic miracle claims and global risks.  The fact check is available here.

·         Russian proxies and populists continue to spread disinformation that economic sanctions aren’t working. 


Cultural Heritage Protection Highlights:

·         The Ukrainian Ministry of Culture and Information Policy reports that at last 38 museums housing 1.5 items have been damaged or destroyed. 



·         Russia’s war on Ukraine | UCPM MEDEVAC operations - DG ECHO Daily Map | 17/01/2024

·         Ukrainian Ministry of Defense Twitter Page

·         Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine Twitter Page

·         Ukrainian Ministry of Culture and Information Policy Twitter Page

·         Ukrainian State Emergency Services Twitter Page 

·         OCHA Ukraine Twitter Page 

·         United Kingdom Ministry of Defense Twitter Page

·         EU East Stratcom Task Force Disinformation Review Twitter Page

·         IAEA Twitter Page 

·         United States Ambassador to Ukraine Twitter Page 





Shelter Cluster Ukraine: Coordination Hubs (as of 18 Jan 2024) (New)


Ukraine: Public Health Situation Analysis (PHSA) (December 2023) (New)


NATO Russian Dis-Information Website (New)


UN Refugee Agency, Ukrainian Refugee Operational Data Portal


Centre for Humanitarian Data, Ukraine Data Explorer


Humanitarian Logistics Association, Ukraine Crisis Information Website


ACAPS Ukraine Analysis Hub




U.S. Department of State, Disinformation Website


U.S. Department of Defense, Support for Ukraine


Alliance For Securing Democracy War in Ukraine Dis-Information Dashboard


National Democratic Institute Disinformation Coordination Hub


International Fact-Checking Network, Ukraine Facts


Monetary Donations

·         Ukrainian Red Cross: Cryptocurrency and PayPal

·         United Nations Crisis Relief

·         UN Refugee Agency Donations

·         UN Migration Agency Donations

·         UNESCO Paypal Account 

·         Ukrainian Emergency Art Fund

·         WHO Foundation, Ukraine

·         Center for Disaster Philanthropy, Ukraine

·         Ukrainian Government United 24

·         Iowa Sister States 

·         World Central Kitchen 

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