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Israel/Hamas War Situation Report #39

Israel-Hamas War Situation Report #39
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Military and Diplomatic Highlights:  

·         Between February 17-19, tens of rockets were fired towards Israel. 

·         The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are continuing operations in western Khan Yunis and central Gaza.

·         As of February 19th, one IDF soldier was killed. 


Civil Protection and Humanitarian Assistance Highlights:



·         On February 16th, the Magen David Adom (MDA) responded to a terror attack at Masmiya Junction.  The MDA treated and transported six people to area hospitals. 


Gaza Strip

·         Intense Israeli bombardment from air, land and sea continues to be reported across much of the Gaza Strip, resulting in further civilian casualties, displacement, and destruction of civilian infrastructure.

·         As of February 17th, the UN Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) reported that intense fighting in and around Khan Younis has forced thousands of people to flee to the South towards Rafah.  

·         UNOSAT between October 2023 and February 2024 captured images in Rafah that depict the escalating numbers of internally displaced persons.

·         Healthcare and Public Health Updates:

o   Public health concerns are reportedly mounting across Gaza:

ü  The UN Population Fund reported on February 16th that there are 500,000 cases of communicable disease, including meningitis and acute diarrhea, have been reported across Gaza.

ü  There is widespread hunger across Gaza, which includes 50,000 pregnant women. 

o   Al Amal Hospital Update:

ü  On February 19th, the Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS) reported a decrease in fuel reserves to generate electricity for high-risk patients and a near exhaustion of food supplies.

o   Nassar Hospital Update:

ü  The World Health Organization (WHO) reported that as of February 19th, after 2 days of being denied access to the hospital by the IDF, 18 (8 critical and 10 were mobile) patients were evacuated.

ü  About 180 patients and 15 doctors and nurses remain in this non-functional hospital.

ü  The hospital is still experiencing an acute shortage of food, basic medical supplies, and oxygen.

ü  There is no tap water and no electricity, except a backup generator maintaining some lifesaving machines.

o   Hospitals in Rafal are overwhelmed and struggling to meet the needs of the public:

ü  The International Medical Corps 70-bed field hospital is now handling 600-700 patients a day. 

o   As of February 20th, only seven of UNRWAs 23 health centers are now operational in Central and Southern Gaza. 

·         On February 20th, the World Food Programme announced that it is pausing food aid deliveries to Northern Gaza.  This decision was made to protect staff and the ability to deliver adequate food aid to this area. 


Violations of International Humanitarian Law (IHL) Highlights:

·         As of February 19th, the Israeli government estimates that 134 people are still being held hostage.

·         The UNRWA reported that as of February 17th a total of 158 staff members have been killed. 

·         The IDF has arrested 12 PRCS teams, including seven that were arrested inside Al-Amal Hospital 12 days ago.

·         On February 20th, Al-Amal Hospital was again bombarded by the IDF.  Several buildings were damaged and three people were injured. 



·         UN Food Agency pauses deliveries to the North of Gaza

·         Hostilities in the Gaza Strip and Israel | Flash Update #121

·         UNRWA Situation Report #79 on the situation in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, including East Jerusalem (All information from 15–17 February 2024, is valid as of 17 February 2024 at 22:30

·         Israeli Ministry of Defense Twitter Page 

·         Israeli Defense Forces Twitter Page 

·         Magen David Adom Twitter Page

·         Palestine Red Crescent Society Twitter Page 

·         UN Agency for Palestine Refugees Twitter Page

·         WHO Occupied Territories Twitter Page 





Nutrition Vulnerability and Situation Analysis /Gaza (February 2024) (New)


ADL, We Stand with Israel Website


Monetary Donations:

Before you donate please review the organization’s track record by using CharityWatch and Charity Navigator.

·         Magen David Adom 

·         United Hatzalah 

·         UN Crisis Relief, Occupied Palestinian Territories 

·         Sderot Foundation 

·         Soroka Medical Center

·         American Near East Refugee Aid 

·         Doctors Without Borders 

·         IsraAID 

·         Jewish Agency for Israel 

·         Middle East Children's Alliance 

·         Save the Children 

·         World Central Kitchen 

·         WHO Foundation, Gaza Crisis: Help Save Lives

·         UN Migration Agency, Gaza 



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