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Hawaii Wildfires Situation Report #1


· The National Weather Service Honolulu has cancelled the Red Flag Warning and High Wind Advisory for all the Hawaiian Islands.

· There are multiple fires affecting Hawaii and Maui counties:

o Lahaina Fire (Maui County): 750 acres with 80% containment:

ü The fire began on August 9 and is burning on state and private land in and around Lahaina.

ü Much of the Lahaina Historic District has been destroyed. This area was once the capital of the Hawaiian Kingdom. The historic district covers both land and sea and encompasses the entire old town of Lahaina as well as the waters one mile out from the historic section of the town.

ü The Pacific Disaster Center provided an initial estimate on the wildfire impacts on the population of Lahaina:

Ø 13,627 people (5,473 households) are estimated to be exposed.

Ø At least 1,635 vulnerable people were estimated to be exposed.

Ø The breakdown of key needs is:

§ 3,271 Meals Ready to Eat per day

§ 1,296 gallons of water per day

o Upcountry Fire (Maui County): 2,000 acres with 0% containment:

ü The fire began on August 8 and is burning on state and private land in and around Kula.

o Pulehu Fire (Maui County): 2,000 acres with 0% containment:

ü The fire began on August 9 and is burning on state and private land in and around Kihei.

o Mauna Kea Beach Fire (Hawaii County): Hawaii County is reporting that the fire is under control.

ü The fire began on August 8 and is burning on state and private land in and around Mauna Kea Beach (population 1,000).

· Maui County Response Update:

o There are now 53 confirmed fatalities in Lahaina, Maui.

o A Family Assistance Center has been opened.

o As of August 9th, more than 271 structures have been impacted. Widespread damage to the West Maui town, the harbor and surrounding areas are being documented.

o West Maui visitors have been advised to leave Lahaina and Maui.

o 14 roads are closed or have limited access.

o Customers in Kula may experience low to no water pressure. High winds and fires have damaged power lines to several of the pumping facilities. Potable water tankers have been established in Upcountry and West Maui.

o There are 12,400 customers in West Maui without power.

o The Hawaiʻi Community Foundation has established the Maui Strong Fund to support residents affected by the wildfires.

o The Maui United Way is accepting monetary donations for the Maui Fire and Disaster Relief fund.

· State Response Update:

o The Governor has declared a State of Emergency.

o The State Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is partially activated.

o Mandatory evacuation orders are in place for a total of 8,750 people.

o A total of five shelters remains open in Maui County. One shelter has been opened in Oahu County.

o Except for Hāna High & El, all other Hawaii public schools on Maui will be closed to students and staff through Friday, August 11th. The latest school updates are available here.

o Families looking for missing loved ones can contact 1-800-Red-Cross.

· Federal Response Update:

o A Major Disaster Declaration has been approved by the President for Maui County.

o Five Fire Management Assistance Grants have been approved.

o A FEMA Regional Incident Management Assistance Team along with several Federal Emergency Support Functions and the Defense Coordinating Element is deploying to Hawaii.

o One FEMA Liaison Officer is in place at the State EOC and one Liaison Officer is enroute to Maui.

o A FEMA Mobile Emergency Response System has been deployed.

o Logistical Support:

ü A Staging Management Team and Incident Support Base team have been deployed to Maui.

ü The Federal government will be providing five days of supplies (meals, water, cots, blankets, commonly used shelter items, infant and toddler kits) for 5,000 people.

o The U.S. Coast Guard has established a temporary safety zone, which is 1 nautical mile from shore from northernmost point of Kakaa Point to the southernmost point at Hekili Point.

· The Center for Disaster Philanthropy has established Hawaii Wildfires Recovery Fund. Monetary donations can be made here.


· FEMA Daily Operations Briefing, August 10th

· FEMA Region 9 Twitter Page

· President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. Approves Major Disaster Declaration for Hawaii

· Hawaii Emergency Management Agency Twitter Page

· County of Hawaii Mayor Facebook Page

· Maui County Twitter Page

· Pacific Disaster Center Twitter Page

· Hawaii Red Cross Twitter Page

· Hawaiian Electric - Maui County Twitter Page

· Center for Disaster Philanthropy Twitter Page

· National Park Service, Lahaina Historic District


FEMA, Hawaii Wildfires

NIFC Fire Information for Resource Management System

County of Hawaii Hazard Impact Map

Maui Information Guide, Wildfire Updates

Hawaii Wildfires Situation Report #1
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