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Hamas attack on Israel Situation Report #19

Military and Diplomatic Highlights: · On November 30th, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Aerial Defense Array successfully intercepted an aerial target that crossed from Lebanon into Israeli territory and activated sirens in northern Israel. Civil Protection and Humanitarian Assistance Highlights (Gaza Strip): Israel · On November 30th a shooting attack occurred on Weitzmann Blvd in Jerusalem. Magen David Adom (MDA) responded. One person was killed and eight people were transported to area hospitals. Gaza Strip · The IDF continues to encourage Palestinians in Northern Gaza to evacuate to the South. Palestinian were warned not to approach within a kilometer of the border with Israel and to not attempt an escape via the sea. · On November 29th, the humanitarian pause entered its sixth consecutive day: o This pause has enabled a major increase in the delivery of basic supplies into and across Gaza, primarily by the Egyptian and Palestinian Red Crescent Societies and UN agencies. o However, the level of aid remains completely inadequate to meet the needs of more than two million people. o Aid convoys to areas to the north of Wadi Gaza, which prior to the pause had been almost completely absent have continued. o The Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS) and UN Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) have delivered food and non-food items, medical supplies, and fuel to shelters hosting Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), as well as to warehouses and hospitals. o The UN Secretary-General has reiterated his call for the opening of additional crossings and a streamlined inspection mechanism to facilitate the delivery of life-saving aid. · The European Union (EU) through 23 flights has delivered: o 1,008 tons of humanitarian relief items o 1,500 logistics items to Egypt and Palestine o The Palestinian Authority has requested search and rescue equipment and personal protective equipment for first responders. · On November 28th, the U.S. Agency for International Development through the U.S. military delivered 24.5 tons of health supplies, nutrition commodities, and winter clothes. · Healthcare and Public Health Updates: o The health system continues to be overstretched amid severe shortage of medical supplies. o The World Health Organization (WHO) remains concerned about the high risk of infectious diseases in IDP shelters: ü There are currently more than 111,000 cases of acute respiratory infection. ü 36,000 cases of diarrhea in children below the age of five. o On November 29, UN agencies delivered fuel (enough for 7-days), medicines and surgical supplies to two hospitals (Al Ahli and Al Sahaba) in Gaza city. o There are now only five hospitals in the North that are functioning. o On November 29th, the Indonesian Hospital announced that it will reactivate parts of its dialysis department. o The Kamal Adwan Hospital, which is partially functional in Northern Gaza urgently requires supplies and medical staff in the fields of obstetrics, pediatrics, neonatology, surgery, and orthopedics. Also, 80 of their patients require immediate transfer to a better-equipped facility in the south. o UNRWA continues to provide healthcare at their shelters through 126 medical teams. · Water and Sanitation: o The Gaza Municipality has reportedly warned about the potential flooding of large areas in the Sheikh Radwan quarter due to the overflow of a wastewater and rainwater lagoon in the city, following the accumulation of rain in recent days. Pumping from the lagoon has stopped for several weeks due to lack of fuel needed to operate the pumps, as well as damage to several conveyor lines. o On November 28th, UN agencies continued delivering fuel to Gaza’s main water utility, which in turn distributed it to water and sanitation facilities in the south, which includes: ü Two seawater desalination plants. ü 79 water wells ü 15 water pumping stations ü 18 sewage pumping stations. ü One wastewater treatment plant. o The supply of potable water in the south via two pipelines coming from Israel has continued. o In the south, UNRWA continues to operate eight water wells that provide potable and domestic water to IDP shelters, alongside water trucking operations. o Solid waste collection from the camps and emergency shelters and transfer to landfills also continues in the south. Violations of International Humanitarian Law (IHL): · Between November 29-30, 20 hostages have been released by Hamas. · UNRWA is reporting that 110 of their personnel have been killed and there have been 104 incidents of damage inflected on 82 facilities. A total of 30 facilities were directly hit and 52 sustained collateral damage. · WHO has documented 427 attacks on healthcare. These attacks have killed 566 people and injured 758 people. Dis-Information Highlights: · There are videos circulating online that display deceased newborn infants at the Al Nasr Hospital in Northern Gaza. These videos also claim that the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) left or abandoned these infants. The ICRC did not assist with the evacuation of this hospital. · PolyGraph Info reported that millions of X users recently engaged with posts designed to implicate Israel in committing a “Holocaust” in Gaza. Sources:

· UNRWA Situation Report #42 on the situation in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, including East Jerusalem (All information is valid as of 28 November 2023 at 22:30 local time) · Hostilities in the Gaza Strip and Israel | Flash Update #54 · UCPM and EU humanitarian aid response to the situation in the Middle East - DG ECHO Daily Map | 30/11/2023 · Prime Minister of Israel Twitter Page · Israeli Defense Forces Twitter Page · Magen David Adom Twitter Page · UN Agency for Palestine Refugees Twitter Page · WHO Occupied Palestinian Territory Twitter Page · ICRC Twitter Page · EU ECHO Twitter Page · USAID Twitter Page · PolyGraph Info Twitter Page

Resources oPt Gaza Strip - Damage Affected Areas (as of 26 November 2023) (New) ADL, We Stand with Israel Website Monetary Donations: Before you donate please review the organization’s track record by using CharityWatch and Charity Navigator.

· WHO Foundation, Gaza Crisis: Help Save Lives

· UN Migration Agency, Gaza

Hamas attack on Israel Situation Report #19
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