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Hamas attack on Israel Situation Report #16

Military and Diplomatic Highlights: · The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has gained operational control over the Hamas-operated Gaza Harbor. This harbor was used as a training facility for their naval commando forces to plan and execute terrorist attacks. · IDF fighter jets on November 15th struck the residence of Ismail Haniyeh, the Head of Hamas’ Political Bureau. · There were several launches from Lebanon towards Israeli territory on November 15th. IDF artillery and tanks returned fire and struck the sources of the fire and a Hezbollah observation post. Civil Protection and Humanitarian Assistance Highlights: Israel · Magen David Adom (MDA) responded to a terrorist attack at the Tunnels Checkpoint in Jerusalem. A total of five people were treated and transported to area hospitals. · Samaritan Purse has committed to providing 21 ambulances to MDA, to replace ones that were damaged or destroyed in the October 7th attack. Gaza Strip · The Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS) reported that it has been unable to respond to hundreds of calls to assist and evacuate people wounded or trapped under the rubble. · The PRCS headquarters has been without power and water for four days. · Almost 1.6 million people have been displaced across the Gaza Strip: o Nearly 813,000 Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) are now sheltering in 154 UN Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) installations across the Gaza Strip. o The UNRWA Commissioner-General has stated that this is the largest displacement of Palestinians since 1948. o There are reports that IDPs fleeing to the south are finding dead bodies in the streets. · On November 15th, some 23,000 liters of fuel entered Gaza from Egypt, the first such delivery since October 7th: o Israel has restricted the use of this fuel only to use for UNRWA trucks distributing aid. o UNRWA uses 160,000 liters of fuel per day to run their basic humanitarian operations. · On November 15th a EU humanitarian air bridge flight left Bucharest with 127 tons of cargo intended to be delivered to Gaza. · Healthcare and Public Health Updates: o On November 15th, IDF have took control of several sections at Shifa Hospital. IDF also delivered medical supplies (incubators, baby food and other assorted supplies) to the hospital. o The PRCS reports that Al-Amal Hospital has been without power and water for four days. · On November 15th, the As Salam Mill in Deir Al Balah was reportedly hit and destroyed. This was the last functioning mill in Gaza, and its destruction means that locally produced flour will not be available in Gaza for the foreseeable future. · UNRWA reports that 70% of the population in Southern Gaza have no access to clean water. Raw sewage has also started to flow in the streets. · Gaza’s telecommunications companies announced on November 15th, that they will be gradual ceasing all communication and internet services throughout Gaza following the exhaustion of fuel reserves to operate generators. Violations of International Humanitarian Law (IHL): · UNRWA is now reporting that a total of 103 personnel has been killed. · Two UNRWA schools in the Middle area were directly hit by strikes, resulting in damage to buildings and injuries among the IDPs sheltering in one of the schools. Sources:

· Hostilities in the Gaza Strip and Israel | Flash Update #40 · UNRWA Situation Report #31 on the situation in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, including East Jerusalem (all information is valid as of 14 November 2023 at 18:30 local time) · Israeli Defense Forces Twitter Page · Magen David Adom Twitter Page · Palestine Red Crescent Society Twitter Page · UNOCHA Twitter Page · UN Agency for Palestine Refugees Twitter Page

Resources Gaza response: Palestine Logistics Cluster - One month after activation (16 November 2023) (New) ADL, We Stand with Israel Website Monetary Donations: Before you donate please review the organization’s track record by using CharityWatch and Charity Navigator.

· UN Crisis Relief, Occupied Palestinian Territories

· WHO Foundation, Gaza Crisis: Help Save Lives

· UN Migration Agency, Gaza

Hamas attack on Israel Situation Report #16
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