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Haiti Unrest Situation Report #4

Haiti Unrest Situation Report #4
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·         Between February 29 to March 31, the UN in the Port-Au-Prince metro area have accomplished the following:

o   Delivered 2.3 million liters of water and 330,000 hot meals.

o   10,000 people have received household kits and other items.

o   2,300 children have received protection services.

o   The World Food Programme (WFP) distributed more than 286,000 meals at 42 sites.

·         As of March 29th, the UN Migration Agency (IOM) estimates that at least 15,000 people have been displaced:

o   Many of these Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) were already displaced by the February 29th violence.

·         Five million people (almost half of the country’s population) are facing acute food insecurity as of March 26th.   

·         On April 1st, the UN donated medicines and equipment to four hospitals to strengthen the medical care of victims of gender-based violence. 

·         There have been several incidents that have interrupted the delivery of humanitarian aid:

o   On March 27th, the distribution of dignity and mother kits to some 550 women and girls was suspended after armed individuals appeared at the distribution site.

o   WFPs distribution of hot meal services was disrupted for three days.

o   On March 25th, heavily armed groups entered a school at the center of the capital. These groups burned 23 classrooms.

·         The airport remains closed and there are significant access challenges to reach the port. 

·         UN operations in Haiti are currently being funded at 7% of the 2024 Humanitarian Appeal.

·         The U.S. Department of State as of March 20th, coordinated departure flights of U.S. citizens from Haiti through non-commercial means. 



·         Latin America & The Caribbean Weekly Situation Update as of 1 April 2024

·         Haiti Emergency Situation Report No. 13 (As of 29 March 2024)

·         OCHA Haiti Twitter Page

·         WFP Haiti Twitter Page 

·         U.S. State Department, Bureau of Consular Affairs Twitter Page  





Partners in Health, Monetary Donations for Haiti


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