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Georgia and Mississippi Tornadoes Situation Report #2

Weather Update:

· Severe weather continues to move across the central portions of Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and the Carolinas.

· The Storm Prediction Center issued a slight risk of severe thunderstorms for portions of Georgia into the Carolinas.

Georgia Highlights:

· One fatality has been reported and two people have been injured.

· Two emergency shelters are currently open.

· An estimated 80 to 100 structures have been damaged, 20-30 of these structures have sustained major damage.

· The Atrium Health Care facility is currently running on generator power.

· As of this morning, 5,000 customers were without power statewide.

· The State Emergency Operations Center is partially activated.

· On March 26th, the Governor declared a State of Emergency.

Mississippi Update:

· The State is reporting 21 confirmed fatalities and 70 injured. The fatalities are in Carroll, Humphreys, Monroe, and Sharkey counties.

· Search and rescue activities are still ongoing.

· Two emergency shelters are currently open.

· A preliminary damage assessment has indicated the following:

o 313 structures destroyed

o 212 structures with major damage

o 520 structures with minor damage

o 1,125 structures have been affected

· Healthcare Update:

o The Sharkey Issaquena Community Hospital sustained damage and was fully evacuated.

o The Sharkey County Issaquena Nursing Home sustained damage and all patients have been transferred to other facilities.

o The Winona Manor Healthcare and Rehab and Humphreys County Nursing Center are on generator power, full power restoration is expected on March 28th.

· Infrastructure Update:

o A total of 26,000 customers are without power in the affected areas.

o The Rolling Fork public water system is inoperable.

o Six water systems are under restriction, and ten have issued boil water notices.

o There are now six locations accepting donated items. The list of these locations is available here.

· The Mississippi Department of Education (MDE) is in contact with the school districts affected:

o South Delta School District (Sharkey County): Some schools suffered roof damage and schools are closed until further notice.

o Amory School District (Monroe County): The high school suffered roof damage and schools are closed through March 31st.

o Carroll County School District: No damage reported but schools are closed until March 28th.

o Winona School District (Montgomery County): No damage to schools and schools were closed today.

o New Albany School District (Union County): Some structural damage to schools but they reopened today.

o Humphreys County School District: No damage to schools and they reopened today.

· Federal Update:

o Federal Emergency Support Functions 3, 8 and 14 have been deployed to the State EOC.

o The Thomasville Mobile Emergency Response Systems has been deployed to Jackson, MS.

o A FEMA Disaster Survivor Assistance team has been requested.


· FEMA Daily Operation Briefing, March 27

· Mississippi Emergency Management Agency Twitter Page

· Georgia Emergency Management Agency Twitter Page

· FEMA Twitter Page


Secretary Mayorkas, FEMA Administrator Criswell Visit Devastated Areas of Mississippi (New)

Mississippi Self-Reporting Links by Counties Website

FEMA, Mississippi Severe Storms, Straight-line Winds, and Tornadoes: DR-4697-MS

Mississippi Tornadoes Situation Report #2
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